Coolsculpting At Home (DIY) – Concept, Risks, Kits

Excess fat is a problem for many and most people want to figure a way out to beat this problem. The good news is that there is a way out to end this issue and that is Coolsculpting. If you feel that you do not want to spend in a lot of money by hiring professional, then you can opt for Coolsculpting at home. Now before going into details regarding how to do Coolsculpting, let us get the basic perception about it. This technique is all about freezing the fat rather than burning it.

Unveiling the Coolsculpting concept

Coolsculpting is all about cooling a person’s skin for about one hour. When the underlying fat cells are exposed to the cooling procedure, then they are killed by this process. The area of the skin that is exposed to cooling experiences a reduction in the thickness of the fat. If Coolsculpting is continued for about three months, then 30 to 80 percent results will be visible.

How to do Coolsculpting at home (Basics)

Now most people try to use ice cubes for Coolsculpting at home, but that is not an effective option because Coolsculpting requires uniform and prolonged cooling and the ice cubes cannot offer the prolonged mechanism. Secondly, the cells require a temperature of 39 degrees to 44 degrees Fahrenheit to die. However, there is still an alternative technique that can prove to be quite useful to get the results.

  • You need to start by cooling your aluminium plates in the refrigerator and you can put the clamps in the freezer.
  • Add glycol in water and place this mixture for the entire night in the freezer.
  • Now you need to get hold of gel packs and seal them. The gel packs have to be put in the refrigerator overnight.
  • The gel packs need to be placed in the glycol and water mixture for maintaining the temperature of the packs.
  • The best idea is first to cover the area you are targeting with a cloth to protect it from any harm.
  • Next let us explore the role of the aluminium plates. The prime purpose of the aluminium plates is to ensure that the targeted fat area is in between the plates. The idea is to let compression takes place. However, it is essential first to determine the compression level.
  • Now place the gel packs on the area from where you need to lose the fat. However, make sure that the temperature is uniform.

You can always try out Coolsculpting at home. However, it is always better to get adequate information about the process before trying it out. You need to be aware of the risks associated with the procedure. The best option is that you should get the process done by a professional. The reason is that you can protect yourself from significant harm. Secondly, the expert will be having good knowledge about the procedure and will be able to manage the job without a problem.